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Micro Kickboard Sprite

The Micro Sprite is our highest rated 2 wheel scooter for ages 8 and up. It offers a lot of Micro quality and style for a great price. With its cool colors and fantastically smooth glide, the Sprite is everyone's favorite - from middle school students to moms and commuters. The Sprite is strong and… [more]

Micro Kickboard Speed+ Mint

The Speed + Mint is the perfect scooter for anyone looking to get from point A to point B quickly and in style. The larger 145 mm wheels have patented shock-absorbers in each hub, ride quickly with no shake or rattle. Precision bearings add to the smooth sensation, and a double-wide deck with grip… [more]

Micro Kickboard Flex Blue

Designed for adults, the Flex Blue is named for its color and flexible, patented deck - a marine-ply and fiberglass composite that absorbs bumps easily, even on urban sidewalks. The large, 200 mm wheels, make it one of Micro's fastest, smoothest rides. The new brake represents the latest in braking… [more]

Micro Kickboard Micro

Designed for adults, the Micro is one of our most popular 2 wheel scooters and the latest in "green" mobility. The iconic design and incredibly smooth glide make it a fun to ride. This is one of Micro's tallest scooters, designed especially for adults. The low deck, together with the high T-Bar… [more]

Micro Kickboard Kickboard Original

**Comes with both T-bar AND Joystick!**   (both handlebar styles included) The Kickboard Original is the ultimate three-wheel ride. It features axle steering so riders can simply lean to steer like on a skateboard but with greater control and maneuverability. Its simple-to-use,… [more]

Micro Kickboard Flex Air

Designed for adults and teens, this is the most comfortable ride around. The extra-large 200 mm air filled rubber tires grab uneven surfaces, while the wide sandwiched deck flexes to carry you smoothly over ups and downs. An integrated back brake system and padded handlebars add to your comfort and… [more]

Micro Kickboard Suspension Scooter

An innovative new scooter from Micro designed for commuters, the Suspension scooter is ideal for urban sidewalks. The patented suspension system absorbs the bumps, making it perfect for long rides on uneven surfaces. The front and back suspension work together to isolate the rider from shocks and… [more]

Micro Kickboard Kickboard Monster

**Comes with T-bar AND Joystick! - (both handlebar styles included) Designed for adults and teens, the Kickboard Monster offers street surfing at its best. Wide wheels, cool graphics and wide track offer better balance and greater stability for those wanting to create long curves and build up… [more]

8 Results